[Michlib-l] Guidelines on donation amounts for naming rights

Doug Koschik doug.koschik at baldwinlib.org
Mon Oct 28 10:52:57 EDT 2013

The Baldwin Public Library has a naming rights policy:


It provides no guidelines, however, on how much money should be donated for
any given element of the building.  For example:

How much of a donation will provide naming rights for the entire library?

How much of a donation will provide naming rights for a Youth Room or Teen
Room or Reference Room or Local History Room or cafe or a meeting room or
the story room within the Youth Room?

How much of a donation will provide naming rights for a section of a
room--e.g., the beginning-to-read section of the Youth Room or the Adult
history section?

If you allow a room or area to receive multiple donations, do you honor the
multiple donors with a plaque instead of a name?  (For example, "This patio
was paid for with contributions from ...")  In this case, do you charge
each donor the same amount?  Or do you accept different amounts and then
list the donors by donation amount?

If your library has such guidelines, I would very much appreciate hearing
from you.  Alternatively, if you have no formal guidelines, but have given
out naming rights in the past, I would appreciate hearing what your
practice has been.  (For example, we had an $8 million building project.
Somebody donated $1 million.  We named the library after them.)

I realize that donation amounts will vary by the type of library.  Since a
large library will have a larger and more expensive Youth Room, the naming
rights for that room would probably be commensurately larger.  So it would
be helpful if you could provide some indication of the size of your

Please send your responses to me at doug.koschik at baldwinlib.org, instead of
to the general list.

Many thanks for any assistance you can provide.


Doug Koschik
Baldwin Public Library
300 W. Merrill St.
Birmingham, MI  48009
E-mail: doug.koschik at baldwinlib.org
Telephone:  248-554-4681
Fax:  248-647-6393
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