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Mase, Sheryl (MDE) MaseS at michigan.gov
Thu Apr 3 15:10:34 EDT 2014

Hello All,

Eric Frederick, Executive Director of Connect Michigan (http://www.connectmi.org/), a wonderful supporter of libraries and great colleague, has agreed to testify at the broadband/E-rate hearing at the IMLS (Institute of Museum and Library Services)
On April 17th.  He will be talking about "what happens when we get it right" and would love to hear your success stories with getting broadband service to the library and what difference it has made.  If you benefitted from a collaborative community project which got you to broadband speeds, or if you did it on your own, we still want to hear what you did, why you did it, and if it made a difference.  The attached message tells more about the hearing and this link has further information, and this link takes you to further IMLS information:  http://www.imls.gov/about/broadband.aspx?id=9&category=6&pg=2

According to Eric:  "I've emailed a few libraries that we've worked with through our community planning efforts. My ask of them is a bit vague. The panel I'm on is titled, "what's working" and is aimed at sharing successes. The overall theme is that broadband is critical for libraries and funding for high speed networks is critical. So I want to hear about libraries who have seen a big increase in need for bandwidth or faster connections because of community demand, classes and offerings to increase digital literacy, partnering with schools who have 1 to 1 device programs but not all the students have broadband at home so they come to the library, etc. It's a vague and open ended request but if you could send out a short paragraph to the listserv asking for stories and successes in no more than two paragraphs, there's a good chance they'll end up in my statement."

Please consider sending me a paragraph or two on your success story or what you believe is the compelling need for broadband to public libraries.
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