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Where's your spirit of adventure.  Marian is going if she has to go by dog sled.

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Looks like no refund on the conference and some refund for the hotel room (you’d lose the room deposit and maybe a processing fee)  



Cancellations with a full refund for workshop registration will be accepted until April 11. Questions 

regarding a cancellation? Please contact Deb Fuller at fullerd2 at michigan.gov or 517-373-8960. For 

hotel cancellations see information below under Lodging. 


All rooms in the block that have not been reserved 30 days in advance of the meeting, will be 

released for other guests. Individual group reservations are subject to a 10-day cancellation 

policy. Reservation deposits will be refunded if cancelled 10 or more days prior to arrival, less 

a $45.00 processing fee. Reservations cancelled less than 10 days prior will forfeit the room 




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Hi,  We are curious if others are deciding not to attend the conference because of the dicey conditions.  This is a video of the Sacre Bleu , the only boat Shepler’s has running, leaving St. Ignace yesterday.  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10154104350790217&set=vb.199146720216&type=2&theater 


I called Shepler’s this morning to ask how 150 people would fit on this boat.  They hope to be able to put buses and vans on the deck and fill them with people, but they aren’t sure they will be able to because yesterday ice was coming over the bow.  Getting there is only our first concern.  With a shift in the wind it could jam up again and we could be stranded on the island.  Ferry service is still subject to cancellation. 


Are we the only chickens? 


Nannette Miller 

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