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Saffert, Carli csaffert at sccl.lib.mi.us
Thu Feb 20 12:23:50 EST 2014

Hi, folks,

Just wanted to recommend a couple of programs/presenters that we had here last year that were really great.

1.       Keith Gamble

Keith Gamble is a saxophonist and educator from Detroit. He came with a pianist, a bass player, and a drummer and played a jazz concert for us last year.  He and his fellow musicians are highly talented. We did a straight-up concert, but I could see them playing a Friends' fundraiser or gala as well. He often plays for public libraries, and he is a delight to work with. If you're interested, just contact him for his rates.  You can reach him at keithgamblemusic at comcast.net<mailto:keithgamblemusic at comcast.net> or keithgamblemusic.com.

2.       The Gone With the Wind Answer Lady

Kathleen Marcaccio does a fun program on all aspects of Gone With the Wind. She covers Margaret Mitchell, the writing of the book, the making of the film, and a lot of behind-the-scenes information. She is extremely well informed, and she is actually in contact with a few of the surviving actors from the film. She brings a nice selection of her GWTW memorabilia along with her to her events. We had a solid attendance, and the audience members were enthusiastic about the event. This program appeals not just to GWTW fans, but also Civil War buffs and classic movie geeks. When we booked her, her fee was $125. I don't know if that has changed. You can reach her at dkosh at msn.com<mailto:dkosh at msn.com>.

Happy programming!

Carli Saffert
Asst. Reference Librarian
St. Clair County Library

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