[Michlib-l] Way to go on millage passage!

Shutta Crum shuttacrum at shuttacrum.com
Wed Feb 26 12:10:37 EST 2014

Glad to hear this, Doreen!  As one of the ex-directors, I am esp. proud of
all the good work you folks do!  (I was the director when the library was
still in the little building on 10 mile/West Lake St.!  So long ago!!!  But
still dear to my heart.)

Shutta Crum

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From: Doreen Hannon [mailto:dhannon at ssldl.info] 
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Subject: [Michlib-l] Salem-South Lyon District Library Millage PASSES!!!!

I am delighted to report that the Salem-South Lyon District Library millage
request of 0.4950 mills for a period of 20 years passed with 73% approval!

Doreen Hannon

Doreen S. Hannon <dhannon at ssldl.info>, Director
Salem-South Lyon District Library <http://www.ssldl.info/>
9800 Pontiac Trail
South Lyon, MI    48178
(248) 437-6431 x206    FAX:(248) 437-6593  


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