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Wed Jul 9 12:34:36 EDT 2014

In a few weeks we will be moving a library in lower SW Mich from their 
temporary site to their new building.  They have decided to donate their 
current used shelving and furniture to other libraries.  They have asked 
me to help coordinate it.

Some of you are thinking why does he seem familiar.  Well, I am.  For 
the last 23 years I have specialized in library moving for my family's 
business, Mulder's Moving.  Due to some changes in family dynamics, I am 
currently working on my own.

The used shelving consists of several styles of Borrough's WilsonStak. 
There is adult as well as children's shelving.  I can sell new 
Borrough's if you need to add anything to what is available or need 
additional parts.   There is also some tall, double-faced wood shelving. 
The items are in excellent shape.   The location is only around 4,000 
sq.ft. so there is not a tremendous amount.

If you have an interest, email me  with some idea of what you are 
looking for.  If you need assistance with the teardown, transport or 
reassembly of the items - we are available.  I also have helped many 
libraries with reconfiguring their space so if you need some help in 
planning for some newer or additional shelving, I can help you there 
too.  Unfortunately - only the shelving and the furniture is free.

Thank you,

Rick Benthin
Tel/Fax - 269/342-9740
rickslibrarymoving at charter.net
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