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Kelly Bennett kelly at ferndalepubliclibrary.org
Thu Jul 24 14:09:51 EDT 2014

We at Ferndale Public Library do circulate R-rated movies. When a child gets
a library card, their parent or guardian must indicate whether they would
like their child to be able to check out any movies and we put this
preference in the child's record. We make sure that parents know that we
will not be censoring what their child checks out, and that the decision is
between them and their child. We did this because we felt that the decision
about movies should be a parent's anyway and it shouldn't be something that
the library interferes with. Parents don't seem to have a problem with this.


Kelly Bennett

Head of Circulation, Ferndale Public Library

Kelly at ferndalepubliclibrary.org



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When you circulate R rated movies at your library, how do you deal with
children who want to check them out? Does circ staff check each DVD for a
rating and make sure the child is of age?   Do children have a different
card than adults?  Has the availability of R-rated movies been a problem
with parents?


Linda Adams
Adult Services Librarian
Charlevoix Public Library

220 W. Clinton
Charlevoix, MI  49720

linda at charlevoixlibrary.org




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