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CED Donna Clark ceddc at llcoop.org
Fri Jun 19 14:20:12 EDT 2015

Dear Michigan Library Friends:

I sent the following message out mid-April.  I received 18 responses.  In sharing the
information with our City Manager, he asked that I try to get more responses from
those of you who are City Libraries.  We are established under PA 164 of 1877. 

Feel free to answer if you are not a city library. 

Donna Clark, Director
Cedar Springs Public Library
Class III, population 9,467


Our community is moving ahead on our new library building plans. We are a city
library.  We would like to survey several MI libraries to find out the following:

1.  Type of Library you represent – especially interested in PA 164 of 1877 
2.  Population served
3.  Who owns your library building and property 
3.  What arrangement do you have with your municipality regarding your 
     building, its operations and maintenance? Is there anything you would
     change about your present agreement if you could?
4.  How are you funded? 
5.  Who would you suggest we approach for donations for construction?

Partial replies are acceptable - we don't live in a perfect world and you are 
all busy!  

Thank you for considering our request.  

Donna Clark, Library Director 
Class III, population 9,467

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