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[NBC Learn]

This Month‘s Featured Teaching and Learning Resources from NBC Learn

Welcome Friends of NBC Learn!

It’s September again, and while some of you have been in the classroom for several weeks, others are just getting started with classes, lesson planning and professional development. Here at NBC Learn, we’ve been working hard  to help you get ready for the new school year with dynamic media resources that can introduce your students to new stories and ideas that will have an impact on their lives now and in the future. With the help of our teacher community, we have placed more than 18,000 stories on NBC Learn, with more being produced every day.

In order to support you better this school year, please take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to fill out this survey<http://marketing.nbclearn.com/c.html?ufl=2&rtr=on&s=xahkr7,6egh,5h,4lcn,9ehb,387p,ih9a&MLM_MID=298673&MLM_UNIQUEID=24c55d27de>. We want to hear how we can improve our newsletter for all educators, whether you teach in K-12 or Higher Education.

Thank you and best wishes,

The NBC Learn Team

Resources for National Hispanic Heritage Month

[Spanish Closed Captioning]

Each year, Americans observe National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15th-October 15th), by recognizing the contributions made by Hispanic and Latino Americans. The theme this year is “Honoring our Heritage – Building our Future,” and you and your students can do both with NBC Learn’s Hispanic Heritage Collection (K12<http://marketing.nbclearn.com/c.html?ufl=2&rtr=on&s=xahkr7,6egh,5h,h4ua,2wr5,387p,ih9a&MLM_MID=298673&MLM_UNIQUEID=24c55d27de> / HE<http://marketing.nbclearn.com/c.html?ufl=2&rtr=on&s=xahkr7,6egh,5h,8oya,cmc2,387p,ih9a&MLM_MID=298673&MLM_UNIQUEID=24c55d27de>). With more than 400 videos on everything from pre-Columbian culture to the new politics of immigration, you're sure to find something relevant and inspiring for your students.

And now for the first time, NBC Learn's Current Events and Original Collections in K-12 and Higher Ed can be watched with Spanish subtitles. Just click the “CC” button and “Spanish” to see full Spanish translation. Current Events with Spanish subtitles go back to January 2015 and will continue every week in the future.

 Featured Collections in September
Celebrate Constitution Day with the "Living Constitution"


Bring the U.S. Constitution to life on Constitution Day, September 17, with the Living Constitution (K12<http://marketing.nbclearn.com/c.html?ufl=2&rtr=on&s=xahkr7,6egh,5h,zih,4z6e,387p,ih9a&MLM_MID=298673&MLM_UNIQUEID=24c55d27de> / HE<http://marketing.nbclearn.com/c.html?ufl=2&rtr=on&s=xahkr7,6egh,5h,pjh,74f9,387p,ih9a&MLM_MID=298673&MLM_UNIQUEID=24c55d27de>) section of the NBC Learn U.S Government & Politics Collection. You’ll find hundreds of stories that showcase every article, section and amendment to the Constitution, including landmark Supreme Court cases and decisions that have had an impact on the lives of all Americans.

A Week That Changed America

Just fourteen years ago, the September 11th attacks devastated our nation. But many of your students are too young to remember that day. Help them understand one of the most challenging times in American history with breaking news from that fateful morning, coverage of the efforts to clear and rebuild at Ground Zero, and reflections by prominent Americans in the years that followed.


September 11th: Timeline of Events

K-12<http://marketing.nbclearn.com/c.html?ufl=2&rtr=on&s=xahkr7,6egh,5h,cqrv,a4du,387p,ih9a&MLM_MID=298673&MLM_UNIQUEID=24c55d27de> | Higher Ed<http://marketing.nbclearn.com/c.html?ufl=2&rtr=on&s=xahkr7,6egh,5h,54mf,id2z,387p,ih9a&MLM_MID=298673&MLM_UNIQUEID=24c55d27de>


President George W. Bush Reflects on September 11th

K-12<http://marketing.nbclearn.com/c.html?ufl=2&rtr=on&s=xahkr7,6egh,5h,ztq,jnj8,387p,ih9a&MLM_MID=298673&MLM_UNIQUEID=24c55d27de> | Higher Ed<http://marketing.nbclearn.com/c.html?ufl=2&rtr=on&s=xahkr7,6egh,5h,h5cy,9dss,387p,ih9a&MLM_MID=298673&MLM_UNIQUEID=24c55d27de>


Explore the September 11th Full Collection

K-12<http://marketing.nbclearn.com/c.html?ufl=2&rtr=on&s=xahkr7,6egh,5h,1vkk,1r1x,387p,ih9a&MLM_MID=298673&MLM_UNIQUEID=24c55d27de> | Higher Ed<http://marketing.nbclearn.com/c.html?ufl=2&rtr=on&s=xahkr7,6egh,5h,jiys,le9c,387p,ih9a&MLM_MID=298673&MLM_UNIQUEID=24c55d27de>

New to the Parent Toolkit: Back-to-School Videos

[Parent Toolkit]

The Education Nation Parent Toolkit team has been working all summer to come up with fun original videos in English and Spanish to help parents get back into the school swing and support their child’s overall development. All videos are coming soon to NBC Learn, and in the meantime, you can see them all here<http://marketing.nbclearn.com/c.html?ufl=2&rtr=on&s=xahkr7,6egh,5h,8ge9,9zm5,387p,ih9a&MLM_MID=298673&MLM_UNIQUEID=24c55d27de> on the Parent Toolkit page! And don’t forget to send in your School Year’s Resolution by clicking here<http://marketing.nbclearn.com/c.html?ufl=2&rtr=on&s=xahkr7,6egh,5h,bdus,kq40,387p,ih9a&MLM_MID=298673&MLM_UNIQUEID=24c55d27de> on the Parent Toolkit website or tweeting #SchoolYrResolution<http://marketing.nbclearn.com/c.html?ufl=2&rtr=on&s=xahkr7,6egh,5h,3eck,m7va,387p,ih9a&MLM_MID=298673&MLM_UNIQUEID=24c55d27de>. Need an idea? Check out this great submission<http://marketing.nbclearn.com/c.html?ufl=2&rtr=on&s=xahkr7,6egh,5h,h0jf,4s0f,387p,ih9a&MLM_MID=298673&MLM_UNIQUEID=24c55d27de> from the faculty at Dixie Sun Elementary School in St. George, Utah.

TODAY Show: Calling All Teachers!

[Parent Toolkit Image]

Know a great teacher? Our friends at the TODAY Show are looking to feature three teachers with unique and exciting lessons as part of their Cool School Week. Write about your favorite teacher here<http://marketing.nbclearn.com/c.html?ufl=2&rtr=on&s=xahkr7,6egh,5h,acv6,13ex,387p,ih9a&MLM_MID=298673&MLM_UNIQUEID=24c55d27de>, and they could be on the show in mid-September teaching us all a thing or two. Be sure to tune in to TODAY starting September 14th.

NBC Learn K-12 Subscriber Spotlight

[K12 Spotlight]

Meet Timothy Anger, a high school history teacher at Archbishop Hannan High School in Covington, Louisiana. We spoke with him about how he integrates NBC Learn into his courses in AP U.S History, Civics, Law, and Contemporary Issues.

“In each of my classes, I show two current events resources that are specifically related to the subject I’m teaching,” he says. “If we’re studying British Common Law for example, I might show a one-minute video<http://marketing.nbclearn.com/c.html?ufl=2&rtr=on&s=xahkr7,6egh,5h,59e9,d3ip,387p,ih9a&MLM_MID=298673&MLM_UNIQUEID=24c55d27de> of Chief Justice Roberts talking about the Magna Carta and its influence on American law.”

“For subjects that will appear on the AP exam, it’s helpful to reinforce those points with NBC Learn video clips. We talk about the content beforehand, and after watching the clip, discuss what they learned specifically, and the relevance to their own lives.”

Anger often has his students write down their reactions to NBC Learn videos and discuss them with the class, which allows them to articulate themselves on paper and verbally. For example, “at the end of last year, the NBC Learn videos about tensions between the United States and Russia over Ukraine sparked a debate about what action the U.S. should take.”

Some of Anger’s favorite videos are on the civil rights movement<http://marketing.nbclearn.com/c.html?ufl=2&rtr=on&s=xahkr7,6egh,5h,m6tg,xf6,387p,ih9a&MLM_MID=298673&MLM_UNIQUEID=24c55d27de>. “Seeing actual news footage from Birmingham had a profound impact on my students and made them want to take it to the next level and do more research. There are so many famous speeches, press conferences – it is the best teaching resource I have come across.”

Anger’s students even take their enthusiasm home with them. “One of my students tweeted that he would miss using NBC Learn over summer break!” And their parents are equally impressed. “I often receive feedback about how excited they are that their kids want to talk about things that are going on in the world. These are our future voters, and they need this knowledge so that they can be informed decision-makers.”

NBC Learn Higher Ed Subscriber Spotlight

[Spotlight Photo]

Meet Dr. David Allard, a Biology professor at Texas A&M University – Texarkana.  Allard, a 40-year faculty member, has embraced using educational multimedia in the classroom. Allard integrates NBC Learn videos into his PowerPoint presentations, and he shared a few different ways this has helped enhance his lectures.

Dynamic Content: Allard enjoys using NBC Learn videos to help his students explore a new angle to the concepts they’re discussing in class. “My students need to think about how the things we are talking about effect the real world that they’re living in.” For example, when discussing UV radiation, he shows this video<http://marketing.nbclearn.com/c.html?ufl=2&rtr=on&s=xahkr7,6egh,5h,1r3c,683f,387p,ih9a&MLM_MID=298673&MLM_UNIQUEID=24c55d27de> about skin cancer rates in young adults. “This kind of scares them, and gets them thinking about the importance of the concepts they’re learning in my lectures.”

Importance of Staying Current: Allard cites the Sustainability: Water<http://marketing.nbclearn.com/c.html?ufl=2&rtr=on&s=xahkr7,6egh,5h,c2ed,7wt5,387p,ih9a&MLM_MID=298673&MLM_UNIQUEID=24c55d27de> collection as a great resource for keeping current in his course on Limnology, the study of lakes.  “In the sciences, we are constantly making new discoveries. This is what makes NBC Learn such an important resource,” because it is updated with the latest scientific information.

Multimedia Approach: Allard understands the importance of diversifying his lectures in order to keep his students engaged. “The NBC Learn videos are nice because you can plug them in and they’re never longer than four or five minutes. You’re not giving up the whole class to show videos, but at the same time, they’re a great break from the ‘talk-talk-talk.’”

American Graduate Day


On October 3rd, 2015, our partner America’s Promise Alliance is presenting the fourth annual American Graduate Day on PBS. This live, seven-hour multiplatform broadcast will air on public media stations nationwide, and will spotlight the people and organizations working in communities across America to inspire students to complete their education and stay on the path to success. Click here <http://marketing.nbclearn.com/c.html?ufl=2&rtr=on&s=xahkr7,6egh,5h,4n43,ldq6,387p,ih9a&MLM_MID=298673&MLM_UNIQUEID=24c55d27de> for more information.

Let it Ripple Presents Character Day

Last year, Let It Ripple created a global platform for teachers, parents and students alike, to talk about character and how it influences and shapes our everyday actions. With a huge success of over 1500 people in attendance last year, the foundation is gearing up for their second annual Character Day<http://marketing.nbclearn.com/c.html?ufl=2&rtr=on&s=xahkr7,6egh,5h,axg,13ff,387p,ih9a&MLM_MID=298673&MLM_UNIQUEID=24c55d27de> on Friday September 18th. Let It Ripple<http://marketing.nbclearn.com/c.html?ufl=2&rtr=on&s=xahkr7,6egh,5h,btra,5she,387p,ih9a&MLM_MID=298673&MLM_UNIQUEID=24c55d27de> provides all the materials needed to join the conversation for FREE! All you have to do is go on their website and ask to participate. In preparation for Character Day, join the Education Nation and Parent Toolkit experts for a Twitter chat on using character development to raise caring, respectful and ethical kids. Use the hash tag #ToolkitTalk <http://marketing.nbclearn.com/c.html?ufl=2&rtr=on&s=xahkr7,6egh,5h,flzz,ktgh,387p,ih9a&MLM_MID=298673&MLM_UNIQUEID=24c55d27de> and share your tips for parents, what's happening in your schools, and what you do to foster your kid’s character strengths.

How are you using NBC Learn as a teaching and learning resource? E-mail us at newsletter at nbclearn.com<mailto:newsletter at nbclearn.com> with examples of NBC Learn videos that especially engaged your students or summaries of your lessons.  We may feature you in a future K-12 or Higher Ed Subscriber Spotlight!

Want to read more Subscriber Spotlights? On the Home page of NBC Learn K-12 or NBC Learn Higher Ed, look under the heading NBC Learn in the Classroom<http://marketing.nbclearn.com/c.html?ufl=2&rtr=on&s=xahkr7,6egh,5h,h6ju,ju7y,387p,ih9a&MLM_MID=298673&MLM_UNIQUEID=24c55d27de>.

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