[Michlib-l] Do any libraries pop popcorn for their programs?

Jessica Enget jenget at portagelibrary.info
Mon Apr 4 11:52:33 EDT 2016

Are there any other libraries that own a popcorn popper for programs?

My library is interested in purchasing a popcorn machine so we can pop and serve fresh popcorn at some of our community programs. Before we made the purchase, we wanted to find out if there were any food safety health code regulations we need to be aware of.

Is there a special license or permit we'd need to obtain? If so, what is the cost/process? What would be within regulation to pop and serve popcorn? Only library staff would be handling the machine, making, serving the popcorn, and cleaning after use.

Thank you in advance for your help!
Jessica L. Enget
Adult Services Librarian
Portage District Library
300 Library Lane
Portage, MI 49002
Ph. (269) 585-8711
Fx. (269) 324-9222

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