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Miriam Andrus mandrus at bigrapids.lib.mi.us
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Question for the group...
    Have any of your libraries had experience with residents wanting their township to contract with you and going about it by way of petition, as is stated in Library law CITY, VILLAGE, AND TOWNSHIP LIBRARIES Act 164 of 1877?

     We have township residents who want to petition their township board to contract with the library.
The residents are not serviced by another library, but their board says the law is "too old". Instead the township board wants their residents to create a petition with a resolution on it to create funding for the library. Then once the petition is received they will place the resolution on the ballot so everyone can vote on contracting with the library at the election in November.
I would be interested in talking to anyone who's library has created a contract this way.
Please respond off list.
-Thank you,

Miriam Andrus
Big Rapids Community Library

397.214 Contract with township, city, or village for use of library and reading room; procedure; tax levy; library fund.
Sec. 14. (1) Upon receipt of a petition signed by not less than 10% of the electors in any township based on the highest vote cast at the last regular election for township officers of the township, addressed to the township board, requesting that a meeting be called of the electors in the township, to consider making a contract with any township, city, or village supporting and maintaining a free public circulating library and reading room under this act, or under any special act, for the use of its privileges by the residents of the township, the township board shall call a meeting of the electors of the township by posting notices in at least 5 public places within the township not less than 10 days before the meeting. The electors present at the meeting shall determine whether the township shall enter into a contract for the use of a free public circulating library and reading room in any township, city, or village and the rate of taxation to be levied for the purpose of paying for that use if the electors decide to enter into such a contract. However, a tax so levied shall not exceed 1 mill of the state equalized valuation of the township. If a majority of those present and voting are in favor of the township contracting for the use of a free public circulating 276 library and reading room maintained in any township, city, or village, the township board may enter into a contract and shall levy and collect the tax provided for in this subsection, which tax when collected shall be placed in a fund to be known as the "library fund". The money in the library fund shall be paid over by the township treasurer to the treasurer of the township, city, or village in which the library is located, on the first day of January, February, and March of each year, to be disbursed subject to the provisions of section 5. This subsection is not a limitation on the contractual power of a legislative body of a city, village, or township under section 13. (2) Notwithstanding any contrary provision in a township, city, or village charter, the library board of directors of a township, city, or village supporting and maintaining a free public circulating library and reading room under this act, or under any special act, may enter into a contract with another township, city, or village to permit the residents of that other township, city, or village the full use of the library and reading room, upon terms and conditions to be agreed upon between the library board of directors and the legislative body of the other township, city, or village. A contract entered into pursuant to this subsection shall be executed for a term of 3 years, shall be automatically extended for an indefinite term after the initial 3-year period, and shall be terminable by either party only on the giving of 6 months' notice of the intent to terminate the contract. History: Add. 1903, Act 19, Eff. Sept. 17, 1903;--Am. 1911, Act 272, Eff. Aug. 1, 1911;--CL 1915, 3445;--CL 1929, 8073;--Am. 1931, Act 248, Eff. Sept. 18, 1931;--CL 1948, 397.214;-- Am. 1984, Act 128, Imd. Eff. June 1, 1984.
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