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Tue Jul 5 14:27:55 EDT 2016

Hello, everyone, 

Long time reader, first time poster for this type of thing. I had a question from a patron trying to find a book. I was given the following information: 

My friend read it when she was in 2nd grade,which was roughly in 1970. The book was written for a middle grade audience ofabout 11-15. She believes the title is “The Courtship of Annemarie” though itcould be “courting” or Annemarie could spelled any number of ways. She does notknow the author.  Definitely fiction. Set in either America or Canada duringthe time of land grants.  It’s a story about a young lady who is courted by two youngmen, one rich and disapproving, one not rich but smart and hardworking. If theymarry before a certain date they get a land grant. The deadline comes and goesand the rich boy married elsewhere to get the land. The poor boy comes to herhouse the next day to say he can get his own land but needs her. 

Does this ring a bell with anyone? 

Thanks in advance for the assistance. 

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