[Michlib-l] paid time off ?

Kate, Scheid kscheid at htlibrary.net
Wed Jul 6 10:51:18 EDT 2016

I'm trying to figure out and equitable management of paid time off for my staff. The quirky part is pto is established as a number of days. All staff though have different numbers of hours that constitute their "days". This is essentially unequal in that one may be getting an 8 hour vacation day while another gets a 5 hour vacation day. Initially I was operating on the understanding that a week off would reimburse an employee for the pay they would normally get in a work week. I have had a few issues of staff asking for an unpaid day off when they work a short shift to save their longer days for reimbursement. I understand their point of view but theoretically I could have an instance of staff taking an unlimited amount of time off if they requested it without pay. This is problematic to me from a management standpoint because it either leaves us understaffed and consequently giving poor customer service or I have to fill in those hours and it might of necessity have to be filled by an employee with a higher wage and that could potentially impact our budgeted costs for personnel.
I would appreciate thoughts and recommendations. Thanks

Kate Scheid, MLIS
Holly Township Library
1116 N. Saginaw
Holly, MI 48442

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