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Miriam and any other folks considering a new system -

You can find information on MeLCat and ILS Compatibility on our website:


For more detailed technical information: http://mcls.org/index.php?cID=164

If your MeLCat library should decide to migrate to a new system, please let us know at melcathelp at mcls.org<mailto:melcathelp at mcls.org> as soon as possible to prevent and/or minimize down time.


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Hello Fellow Librarians,
     The Big Rapids Community Library is looking into options for ILS software. We currently use Sierra, an Innovative product, but due to our current user arrangement we are looking to switch systems in the next year or so. If you could provide any feedback on what you like about your current system or what you dislike about your current system, particularly pertaining to MeL, it would be much appreciated.
Please respond off list.
Thank you,
-Miriam Andrus, Director
Big Rapids Community Library
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