[Michlib-l] MeL Minute - Microsoft Office & Gale databases

Borrelli, Eunice (MDE) BorrelliE at michigan.gov
Thu Jul 28 14:33:13 EDT 2016

Hi all,

By now you know about and have utilized the Google tools integrated into many of Gale's MeL databases. Share to Classroom and Google Drive greatly expand the flexibility and portability of the Gale databases content.  Just announced on the Gale Blog, many of Gale's databases now also include Microsoft Office 365 integration, "further enabling users to access Gale content anytime, anywhere, and from any device. These easy-to-use collaborative tools allow users to:"

  *   After authentication into your Gale products, login to Microsoft Office 365 with your Microsoft credentials
  *   Store, sync, and share files by downloading Gale content to your OneDrive account in the cloud
  *   Easily transfer downloaded OneDrive content for use in other Microsoft tools like OneNote and Classroom

MeL databases Research in Context<http://www.galesupport.com/migeoipcheck/migeoipcheck-gale.php?database=MSIC>, InfoTrac Student Edition<http://www.galesupport.com/migeoipcheck/migeoipcheck-gale.php?database=STOM>, Business Collection<http://www.galesupport.com/migeoipcheck/migeoipcheck-gale.php?database=GBFM>, & Newsstand<http://www.galesupport.com/migeoipcheck/migeoipcheck-gale.php?database=STND>, Opposing Viewpoints<http://www.galesupport.com/migeoipcheck/migeoipcheck-gale.php?database=OVIC>, and Gale Virtual Reference Library<http://www.galesupport.com/migeoipcheck/migeoipcheck-gale.php?database=GVRL> are among the Gale products with the Microsoft integration. Others are Academic OneFile, General Reference Center Gold, Kids InfoBits, and New York Times. Michigan residents or Michigan library access only.

MeL Minutes are brought to you by the Library of Michigan.  Want more information on MeL?  Stay tuned for next week's MeL Minute available on many Michigan library listservs, email us at contact at mel.org<mailto:contact at mel.org> or visit mel.org<http://mel.org/>.  We encourage you to share MeL Minutes with your public service colleagues.

Eunice C. Borrelli
Michigan eLibrary Internet Librarian
Library of Michigan/Michigan Dept. of Education
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