[Michlib-l] MeL Minute - MARC records for eBooks collections

Borrelli, Eunice (MDE) BorrelliE at michigan.gov
Thu May 5 16:51:22 EDT 2016

Hi all,

During a recent MCLS/LM MeL database webinar, MeL databases eBook Collection<http://galesupport.com/migeoipcheck/migeoipcheck-ebsco.php?database=EBOOK> and eBook K-8 Collection<http://galesupport.com/migeoipcheck/migeoipcheck-ebsco.php?database=EBK8> were being discussed.  Both contain fiction and nonfiction eBooks on a variety of topics for readers of all ages.  A question came up as to whether individual libraries can include the over 20,000 available eBook titles in their catalogs and if so, how.  The answer is Yes you can and instructions on the process are explained on the MCLS site.

Start here: http://mcls.org/mel/mel-databases/help/marc-records/

You'll see that MARC records for eBook content from three MeL database vendors, EBSCO, Gale, and LearningExpress Library, can be integrated into local systems. Specific instructions and the appropriate vendor links are included in the instructions.   Have questions or need your MARC Access Key?  Contact the MeL Databases Support Staff<mailto:meldatabaseshelp at mcls.org> and they will provide assistance. Michigan residents or Michigan library access only.

MeL Minutes are brought to you by the Library of Michigan.  Want more information on MeL?  Stay tuned for next week's MeL Minute available on many Michigan library listservs, email us at contact at mel.org<mailto:contact at mel.org> or visit mel.org<http://mel.org/>.  We encourage you to share MeL Minutes with your public service colleagues.
Eunice C. Borrelli
Michigan eLibrary Internet Librarian
Library of Michigan/Michigan Dept. of Education
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