[Michlib-l] Joint Building Authorities

Dale Parus parusdhpw at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 17:40:26 EDT 2016

Hello, Michlib subscribers:

I am seeking information on joint building authorities and property deed
transfers. Specifically, I am interested in more information on the
following situations as they pertain to district libraries in Michigan:

1. Where a newly-formed district library received the transfer of a deed to
the library property directly from a municipality and were there any

2. Where the district library and a local community created a new joint
municipal authority which was then granted the library building and

3. Where the district library and one or more municipalities created a
joint authority which then issued bonds for a construction project. Please
describe whether the creation of this new authority was subject to a
successful bond election and the year, amount and repayment conditions of
the bond.

Please contact me directly and then I will be most happy to report back the
results of the research to the list later this month. Thanks!

Dale Parus, Director
Ionia Community Library
parusdhpw at gmail.com

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