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My apologies for not including the Michigan Libraries for Life website, on which you can find additional information:  https://sites.google.com/site/michiganlibraries4life/


D. R. Biggs, MA AMLS
Library Consultant/MeL & Library Outreach Coordinator
Library of Michigan/Michigan Department of Education
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Subject: [PartnersCDA] Michigan Libraries for Life

Today begins the 2016 campaign for organ donors by Michigan Libraries for Life.  Many Michigan libraries are participating in this worthwhile endeavor to increase organ donors in Michigan and thereby save lives!  State Librarian, Randy Riley and Secretary of State Ruth Johnson, recently filmed this video, https://youtu.be/yMGRjmq8qps endorsing the campaign.  Please feel free to share, and  thanks again to all the 2016 participating libraries!


Deb Renee Biggs, MA AMLS
Library Consultant/Michigan eLibrary & Outreach Coordinator
Library of Michigan/Michigan Dept. of Education
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