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Norris, Sonya (MDE) NorrisS2 at michigan.gov
Tue Oct 11 08:34:08 EDT 2016

E-Rate: KISD State Consortium

This year the TRIG E-Rate Activity is once again issuing a Statewide Form 470 for Category One, Internet Access and Transport. In order for entities to participate, each must submit a completed Letter of Agency (LOA), sign up for the KISD State Consortium in EPC, and email the completed LOA to somerate at gmail.com<mailto:somerate at gmail.com>. If your entity participates in the LOA process for FY17 then you need not issue your own Form 470 if satisfied with the bid responses.
Please see the link below for complete LOA, LOA FAQ, and the Consortium Sign Up Instructions:

E-Rate Letter of Agency (LOA), Letter of Agency FAQ (LOA FAQ) and E-Rate Consortium Sign Up Instructions<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001EcYrCRwk4_jsSB9CBPvOexPN_g7LbZrM61VzrazqnU1bnGXdOGCuaTFhLYyMSbjtmY97qcQgCoOAzw7gnQpXHDtCAWvXPOa0HeagIwj-Qn3PAsihLDMjgR_dJYTnbN-NILlT_a66FbPqXRmnHGfk7eoCBkPMNgFY3ozAePsS8doInprhwMu25MHqzRxydYtcjJ1AX29rbkqU_Ln6z-SOXHply_enobx5Phwhvz3G3mk=&c=tB2sMRge0cfL2dnwPDGhIP-YGWzTLopiP0US0NB7tM1nOeFfnJKodw==&ch=y-FZqr1ez_vlgt1ASXUfacio6iFZhEFEkPXNgPZWinYyfOvj4E3O0A==>

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