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We had Kristin here last night and she was wonderful. I felt it was a very important program to offer our community members and it gave them a chance to connect with one another. She told me she is interested in visiting more libraries next year, so don't hesitate to contact her if you are interested.

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Michigan Library Friends-

I want to recommend a wonderful author to you and a very useful book for your collection...

Kristin recently spoke at the Novi Rotary, which I am Programming Chair.  She told an amazing personal story and also dove into the many facets of her research for the book, her writing and publishing.

If you would like Kristin to speak at your library, you can contact her at 248-342-1339.  In addition, her email is: kristin at kristinmeekhof.com<mailto:kristin at kristinmeekhof.com>

Her website:   www.KristinMeekhof.com<http://www.kristinmeekhof.com/>

Local Birmingham author, Kristin Meekhof to Discuss A Widow's Guide to Healing: Gentle Support and Advice for the First 5 Years

"Obviously, my life has been filled with some big losses," Meekhof said.  "But I'm very grateful in many ways... the marriage I had was very strong.  My husband accepted his diagnosis - rather than say, "Why me?" he said, "Why not me?" and I'm grateful we had a chance to say goodbye.  I've interviewed so many widows who never had that chance."

                                [Kristin Meekhof]        [A Widows Guide to Healing]

Kristin Meekhof, MSW, is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post, MariaShriver.com, WomanThatSoar, and others.  Widowed at a young age, she can speak from experience on the unique and unforeseen challenges of widowhood.  She has recently completed work in Kenya.

A Widow's Guide to Healing offers a much-needed blueprint for grieving widows to face the often, overwhelming challenges of their new reality.

Written for those grappling with their first five years of widowhood, this book gently and clearly guides readers through the pain and problems to a happier, healthier, and more hopeful future.

"A very valuable and practical guide...both inspiring and courageous." - Deepak Chopra, MD, FAACP

"[An] inspiring and insightful book to help guide widows through their grief. This book is by an Architect of Change, for all of us who must deal with grief." - Maria Shriver

Here is the Free Press article.


Here is the Oakland Press article which was printed in the Thanksgiving day paper.

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