[Michlib-l] MeLCat/RIDES/MCLS email

Sue Alt alts at mcls.org
Mon Oct 17 10:25:53 EDT 2016


We have discovered what appears to be a glitch in our email.

Emails directly to individual addresses work, but if you sent anything to our help desks (RT) they are not coming through.

MeLCat help: melcathelp at mcls.org<mailto:melcathelp at mcls.org>
RIDES Assistance form: http://mcls.org/rideshelp
MeL Databases: http://mcls.org/meldatabaseshelp
Group Purchasing Department: services at mcls.org<mailto:services at mcls.org>

If you sent an email since last Friday to one of these addresses but did *not* receive an instant automated response, we have not gotten your email yet.

We are hoping this will be resolved soon and we will respond to all of you as soon as possible.


Sue Alt
RIDES Coordinator
MeLCat Support Specialist
Midwest Collaborative for Library Services
800-530-9019 ext 143
alts at mcls.org<mailto:alts at mcls.org>

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