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Hello Jane,

This winter, Xmas Eve, Xmas, New Years Eve, and New Years Day fall on the weekend and the library is closed on those days ONLY. Our Village Hall converts Saturday holidays into being closed Friday, and Sunday holiday becomes a closing on Monday. For the library that won't work. I can't imagine the complaints we would receive if we were closed 8 days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday for two weeks in a row) over the holiday break when kids are off school and parents are looking for somewhere to take them.

How does that impact paid time off:
Our full-time staff receive 10 paid holidays. Paid holidays become "floating holidays" which they can take anytime during the year, when the holiday falls on the weekend. This year it was like getting an extra week's vacation due to having 4 extra "floating holidays." 

FYI, our part-time staff do not receive paid time off. 


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Good Morning Everyone!
Could fellow librarians tell me how they are planning their holiday closings for this Christmas and New Year's? Christmas and New Year's fall on a Sunday this season. Do you observe Monday as the holiday(s)? Also how long are you closed for this holiday break?

Thank you,
Jane Himmel
Library Director
Pigeon District Library


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