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We have several Michigan documents that are being discarded from our collection and are available to participating MeL libraries. Contact me directly if interested in any of the following titles.

S 75 .A27       Agriculture Across Michigan (monthly newsletter October 2001 through August 2004, November 2004, February 2005 through November 2005)   newsletter      2001-2005
TA 1001 .U68 No 2003-5  An Evaluation of the "Click It or Ticket" Thanksgiving Mobilization Campaign    book    2003
TA 1001 .U68 No. 2003-21        An Evaluation of the "Click It or Ticket: Buckle-Up or Pay Up" Mobilization Campaign    book    2003
TA 1001 .U68 No. 2004-04        An Evaluation of the "Click It or Ticket: Buckle-Up or Pay Up" November Safety Belt Mobilization        book    2004
KFM 4470 .C6 M34 2005   Contempt of Court Benchbook, 3rd edition        book    2005
HV 650.3 .U52 M5        Crime Victim Rights Manual, Revised Edition, Volume 1   book    2005
TC 409 .D49 2000        Developing a Watershed Management Plan for Water Quality: An Introductory Guide book    2000
KFM 4534.5 .E55 A7 2000 Employer Handbook       book    2000
JK  5816 .F67 2002      For the People...By the People...: How the State and Local Governments Operate      book    2002
SH 222 .M5 M36 2000     Manual of Fisheries Survey Methods II: With Periodic Updates    book    2000
KFM 4635 .M53   Michigan Civil Service Commission, Rules Annotated: Annotated for Amendments between March 19, 2001 and December 15, 2004       book    2005
S 75 .C94       Michigan Crop-Weather (weekly newsletter, various issues April 2004 through November 2005       newsletter      2004-2005
JK 1991.5 .M5 G856 2001 Michigan Electronic Reporting & Tracking System Merts Plus Software: A Guide for Ballot Question Committees     book    2001
SH 174 .M53     Michigan Fish Containment Monitoring 2002 Annual Report         book    N/A
SH 219.7.S8 F572        Michigan Fish Stocking Guidelines II: with Periodic Updates     book    2004
KFM 4575 .M53 2001      Michigan Liquor Control Code, Rules, and Related Laws   book    2001
JK 5857 .A3     State of Michigan Compensation Plan     book    2005
KFM 4627 .P8 A388 2001  The Michigan Open Meetings Act and Freedom of Information Act   book    2001
KFM 4497.8 .M53 2005    Traffic Benchbook, 3rd edition, Volume One: Civil Infractions, Misdemeanor Traffic Offenses     book    2005

Please respond within two weeks of this post if interested.

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