[Michlib-l] Old schools as branch locations

Mark Ehle mehle at willardlibrary.org
Thu Apr 20 15:14:23 EDT 2017

Hello, Folks -

I had an idea a while back and wanted to bounce this off you guys to see if
I am crazy or not. Seems to me that with all the elementary buildings that
are available now in districts that are losing students due to school of
choice, they might make nice facilities for library branch locations.

If you could find one that is not too old, even a small one would have
quite a bit of space. They all come with gymnasiums and such so there would
be room to hold pretty much any function you could think of. They are
mostly one story so the weight of books would not be a concern. What you
don't use for the library could be used for other community services or
even just storage.

Is this just nuts? Or not?

Thanks -

Mark Ehle

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