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Mary Ellen Mulcrone maryellen at saline.lib.mi.us
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When we learned about the issues (from another library, not from Sprint) we investigated and decided to take the hotspots out of circulation to avoid potential liability. We are replacing them with two different models and providers. 

Mary Ellen Mulcrone 
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We also stopped circulating them. We are going to buy new ones, not ZTE. I just got a call from Mobile Beacon that they have some in stock now. Sprint will only replace the ZTE hotspot if the battery swelled or they caught on fire. Thankfully none of ours did. 
Nannette Miller 
Elk Rapids District Library 

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We have several ZTE Hotspots through Mobile Beacon/Sprint. Due to the notice from Sprint on the hotspots overheating our board decided not to circulate them (liability issues) until we hear further from Sprint. Is any other library doing something different? 
Thanks for the help: 


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