[Michlib-l] Privacy with donations

Linda Lyshol lysholl at branchdistrictlibrary.org
Mon Jul 30 08:45:10 EDT 2018

Good Monday morning! (I know--what an oxymoron, right?!) Anyway, does any
library keep a record of donations, most specifically, who donated and for
whom? I need to create a policy for receiving cash donations in memory of a
deceased person. But, I'm pretty sure it is breaking privacy law but not
100% sure, so I thought I'd poll the masterminds on here to see what y'all
do. Oh, and if you have a policy, will you send it along? Thanks! OK, now
go have another cup of coffee/tea because I am going to as well.

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*To ask why we need libraries at all, when there is so much information
available elsewhere, is about as sensible as asking if roadmaps are
necessary now that there are so very many roads. ~ *Jon Bing (1944-2014.
Norwegian writer and law professor at the Norwegian Research Center for
Computers and Law)
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