[Michlib-l] 1000 Books Before Kindergarten

Kaitlin Matesich kmatesich at benzieshoreslibrary.org
Mon Aug 12 13:49:23 EDT 2019

Thank you to everyone who shared their program with me, this goes leaps and
bounds towards getting our 1k before K program up and running.

While many libraries vary from program to program common threads though out
-Rewarding families with a small prize (dollar store, books, bubbles,
ect.)  through out the program (every 100 books or at milestones 100,
- a certificate of completion at the end with a larger prize: dedicate a
book, group party or some form of acknowledgement of their accomplishment
-Having paper logs (typically an in-house creation) available, tracking
50-100 books at a time
- Most libraries seem to track the count of books and not the title
- Having a brochure or orientation packet for parents.

We have some absolute rock stars in Youth and Children's services. You all
are amazing!

Kaitlin Matesich
Youth Services Coordinator
Benzie Shores District Library
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