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Donna Olson dolson at ssldl.info
Thu Aug 29 17:42:16 EDT 2019

Hello Directors,

We met with the Community Foundation of Southeastern Michigan and discussed
establishing an endowment as, I understand, several of you have. Would you
mind sharing your experience off-list? Thanks for taking the time to
respond. Here are some of the questions we have:

What are the advantages to establishing an endowment with a foundation?

Was your foundation endowment initially library-funded or donor-funded?

What was your initial investment?

Does your library add to the established endowment or only donors add to
the endowment?

Do you take in-house fundraising campaign proceeds (gift money) and add to
your foundation endowment?

Basically, do you use library funds to fund the endowment?

Did your library experience an increase in giving since the endowment? Is
it static or did it generate more gifts?

If you have had an endowment pre-2011, what is your experience before 2011
and since 2011? Over the last 5 years?

Do you promote the endowment as an option in your Annual Appeal campaign?
If so, has it generated donations?  Do you have data that supports an
increase in their giving as a result of offering an endowment option?

Finally, what is the "goal" of your endowment?

Thanks in advance.

*Donna Olson, Director*

*Salem-South Lyon District Library*

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