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Megan Buck meg at dcl-lib.org
Wed Dec 18 12:09:08 EST 2019


Our Board requested I survey other Michigan libraries regarding board compensation.  We are a small class V library and our meeting compensation rate has not changed in over 25 years.  A board member suggested we consider looking at an increase.  Currently, our board members are paid $25 per meeting (regardless of length).  This payment is subject to taxes as income.  Board member can also submit mileage or reimbursement requests for allowable costs (such as mileage to meetings or costs to attend training/conferences).  These payments are not considered income. :)

If you are willing to share, I would be interested in your Class Size, current payment information (or if your board is all volunteers with no pay!) and any other information you think would be helpful.  I am willing to compile and share if others are interested!

Thank you!

Megan Buck
Dickinson County Library
401 Iron Mountain Street
Iron Mountain, MI 49801
(906) 774-1218

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