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Maureen Derenzy mderenzy at otsego.org
Sun Jun 16 13:41:27 EDT 2019


Some time back I asked for recommendations on people counters, as I had
received proposals from TrafSys and Sensource.  I received the 4 responses


1)      We switched from old feet level counters to the TrafSys overhead PoE
thermal counters just over a year ago. I can't comment on SenSource but so
far we have been happy with TrafSys.


- The server software is rather basic but the interface is usable. We have
it email building counts to those who need it so most never have to login
and look at it (other than monthly board stats).

- We went for the PoE models since ethernet is rather cheap to run and

- You can set up 'events' in the software so it is easier to see stats
around a specific program to see trends. 

- The model we have has in and out stats so if you have multiple entrances
and exits it can give you a better idea of traffic flow.

- The sensors store days worth of data so if you have reporting software
issues you haven't lost the data.


I've also had a good experience with their support. We recently had an issue
with the reporting software and daylight savings. They responded quickly
that they had tracked down the issue, gave us a workaround and we were up
and running again quickly. It was also able to recover all the data that was
missing in the meantime.


2)      I put in a AMSECO VDP-100 Video-Eye People Counter a few years ago.
It has been very reliable, haven't had to touch it since it was mounted.  We
have never had a maintenance contract only paid for the unit and I installed


3)      We use a simple infrared counter from https://wecountpeople.com/
they have more sophisticated counters than the ones we use, but if cost is
an issue, the battery lasts about a year and they are compact and


4)      The Hamburg Township Library has been with SenSource since Nov.
2013. Their service is always fast to response and can remotely assist our
computer tech here on site. I receive daily reports in Excel and transfer
the information to our Excel report to prepare our in house monthly reports.
Very easy for me to operate.  Our annual support is $240.00 per year.  


Thanks for the advice,



Maureen Derenzy, Library Director

Otsego County Library

700 S. Otsego Avenue

Gaylord, MI  49735

(989) 732-5841

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