[Michlib-l] Books in Korean?

Lynn Schofield-Dahl lschofielddahl at threeriverslibrary.org
Fri Mar 22 11:25:44 EDT 2019

Hi.   We have received a donation of roughly 40 books written in  
Korean.  With the exception of the patron who donated these books, we  
don't have a readership for Korean Language Materials.   Because I  
don't read Korean, I really can't tell you anything about the books  
except most of them are paperbacks in pretty good condition.   Does  
anyone on this list serve a community which might use these books?  I  
would be happy to send them to you via MeL.   First Come, First  
Served.   Happy Friday!   Lynn
Lynn Schofield-Dahl
Three Rivers Public Library
920 W. Michigan Avenue
Three Rivers, MI  49093
Read. Learn. Grow.

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