[Michlib-l] IMLS Accelerating Promising Practices for Small Libraries grant opportunity

Reish, Karren (MDE) ReishK at michigan.gov
Wed Sep 4 08:39:36 EDT 2019

I'll second Kristin's comments on the IMLS Accelerating Promising Practices for Small Libraries (APP)<https://www.imls.gov/grants/available/accelerating-promising-practices-small-libraries>. Please consider applying for this and feel free to contact me. I am not involved in the grant, but am happy to provide what advice I can. The deadline i




for the announcement. This is the second time they have offered this program.

The deadline is December 2, 2019, and the informational webinar (which will

be archived) is September 12.

Benzonia Public Library in northern Michigan was awarded funding in the

first round. Be aware that federal grants can be time-consuming (but the

payoff is delicious!). For some tips on grantwriting, check out the

University of Michigan School of Information's online course on

Grantwriting and Crowdfunding


which you can audit for free!



Kristin Fontichiaro

University of Michigan School of Information

4427 North Quad

105 S. State St.

Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1285


Karren Reish
Library Grants Coordinator
Library of Michigan

reishk at michigan.gov<mailto:reishk at michigan.gov>

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