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One of the easiest way is taking the foam-board tri-fold used for things 
like science fair projects.  You can decide if you want to add a 
lightweight curtain rod attached to the 2 outside "wings."
 You might also prowl these specialized resources from the Resources 
section of my website:

Detroit Puppeteers Guild - The resources of my local guild and all around 
great group of people!  

Folkmanis Puppets - Find puppets, videos, games, coloring sheets, and more 
from this puppet manufacturer  

Puppet Resource Center -Easy patterns, craft recipes for props, scripts, 
teacher ideas to use puppets, and more  

Puppetools - Educators site, with patterns and ideas for using puppets to 

LoiS(torytelling & talking with a "sidekick" puppet is even easier than an 
actual puppet show; take a look at the various articles on my blog - 
http://www.storytellingresearchlois.com/search/label/puppets )  
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 Hi, y'all! Can anyone recommend a puppet stage that you can easily 
disassemble. Not too large, so you could possibly carry it for school 

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