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Greetings, everyone!

These are the responses I’ve received, regarding UVC systems. It’s not
likely we will pursue them due to the costs, but I’m keeping an open mind.

Thanks, as always, for sharing your collective wisdom!


We just got our order for UV filters that are going into our HVAC system, I
can forward you what we got. I will say it costs a lot, but I was able to
get a grant to help offset the costs.


>From the research done here, UVC is an option. If you UVC the drop box,
then it gets the outside of materials and books need insides done. Demco
has a model for books that does 3 books open, books are put in for a set
amount of time, then you put in another 3 books. Sounds really cumbersome,
and the cost is $5000.00. And UVC is a known carcenogin.

I decided that quarantining material is a better option.


We are very early in the process of a renovation and as I was meeting with
our architect he suggested installing plasma air purifiers in our two
heating/cooling units. I had them installed last week as part of our annual
heating inspection. They cost $848 each (installed) which included a $50
discount for each because we had them installed at the same time as the
inspection. They are small, use the existing 24 volt power in the furnace,
and mount on the ductwork.

The only drawback is the ventilation fans have to be on all the time to
maximize their effectiveness. I hadn’t thought about this but it makes
sense so we turn the fans on in the morning when we turn up the thermostats
and put them back on normal mode in the evening so they are not running

Here is the link to the brand they installed:


Eau Claire installed UV lights in our duct work many years ago. I hadn't
thought of it in years. When all of this COVID stuff happened, I called our
furnace people. They said that checking the lights is on their checklist
and that they have been maintaining them.

I have no idea of how it works, but we had a board member at the time who
insisted that we needed to do that. I think it was about 12-14 years ago.


I saw this in the paper today. Beyond that I do not have any insight. If
you hear from anyone I would love to see your responses.



The Hamburg Township Library back in May install two units into our the
main library units.

We used Lakeside Service out of Brighton Michigan. See attachments of the
units we used. The price was $1,075 per unit back in May.

You can contact this company for more information or discuss the
possibilities for your building:

John T Boylan

General Manager

ACCA certified residential design specialist

NCI certified airflow diagnostics

NCI certified combustion

BPI certified building analyst

Mobile 810.533.1731

Office 810.227.2719 ext 213

jboylan at LakesideService.com

Sharon Crotser-Toy
*Watervliet District Library*
333 N. Main Street
Watervliet, MI 49098

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