[Michlib-l] Muskegon Area District Library - Job Opening (Team Leader: Bookmobile Operator)

Mariel Chandler Mchandler at madl.org
Wed Dec 22 15:43:41 EST 2021

The Muskegon Area District Library has a Team Leader: Bookmobile Operator position open.
For the full posting and application, please visit us at madl.org

POSITION: Team Leader: Bookmobile Operator
SCHEDULE: 40 hours weekly

*         Assist patrons on and off vehicle.
*         Circulation related responsibilities such as sorting, shelf reading, weeding, shelfing, etc.
*         Maintains bookmobile collection in collaboration with the processing department.
*         Responsible for using promotional or other materials during stationary activities, i.e. setting up tents, signs, book racks, etc. while parked and accepting patrons.
*         Develops and works out details concerning the deployment of the bookmobile with business and community partners.
*         Assists with the development of programming and other outreach efforts.
*         Recognize and address the diverse nature of the library's patrons and community.
*         Keep bookmobile steps, entrances, etc. free of snow and ice, or other hazardous obstacles.
*         Provides basic information and readers' advisory service for bookmobile patrons.
*         Assists patrons with renewal, issuing and replacement of library cards.
*         Maintains library materials collection and files in an orderly manner.
*         Develops a working knowledge of all MADL equipment and services.
*         Performs routine maintenance such as fueling, monitoring fluids and general cleaning, which includes exterior and interior areas.
*         Reports vehicle problems, need for service to Collection Development Specialist or Branch Operations Manager.
*         Record vehicle condition in a daily log.
*         Implements bookmobile specific programs and projects and participates in community outreach activities and events.
*         Serves as a backup for the delivery drivers or other library branch staff.
*         Assists in the processing department as needed.
*         May be required to work at other locations within the MADL system.

Special note: Most of the worktime will be in the bookmobile, on the road and stopped at various locations. Limited access to restroom facilities. Driving and work will be done in a variety of different weather conditions. The noise level in the work environment may moderately increase during periods of travel or while the engine is running. It is common to work evenings and Saturdays to accommodate special requests or local events.

Thank you,

Mariel Chandler
HR/Payroll Manager
231-737-6248 x112 | madl.org<http://www.madl.org>
4845 Airline Rd. Suite 5 | Muskegon, MI 49444
[cid:Facebook_4114b57e-72de-42e7-86da-c6cd8d1bd30b.png]<https://www.facebook.com/MuskegonAreaDistrictLibrary/?ref=br_rs> [cid:Youtube_b7788158-662e-4a21-abe7-e4993d46d76d.png] <https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3p73nXZ_UJBCLvmNkns5gQ>  [cid:Twitter_2919c137-b592-4291-9bd4-a27df7a25930.png] <https://twitter.com/madltweets>  [cid:LinkedIn_e8acde6a-34ef-4044-9ae8-3611c2d7fb9c.png] <https://www.linkedin.com/company/muskegon-area-district-library/>  <https://plus.google.com/+MuskegonAreaDistrictLibraryAdministrationLBPH>

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