[Michlib-l] Curbside printing/copying/faxing

Savannah Shilton sshilton at putnamlib.org
Wed Jan 6 11:24:14 EST 2021

Hello hive mind,

Our library is currently curbside only. We have not offered the option to print/copy/fax, however I've noticed that quite a few libraries do. My question is, logistically how does this work? Do patrons email you the documents at a library email, or do you have wireless printing setup? I'm also concerned about people needing sensitive materials printed, and I don't love the idea of patrons email these types of things to the library. Does your library address this concern?

Thanks for any feedback!

Savannah Shilton

Library Director

Putnam District Library

327 N. Main St.

PO Box 920
Nashville, MI 49073

Phone: 517-852-9723

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