[Michlib-l] MeL Minute: Powerful Readers’ Advisory with NoveList Plus

Laura Warren-Gross warrengrossl at mcls.org
Thu Jul 8 09:06:32 EDT 2021

[A picture containing text, clipart, sign  Description automatically generated]Patrons often have questions about what to read next. NoveList Plus<https://widgets.ebscohost.com/prod/customerspecific/mel/auth.php?database=ebscoprofile-novplus>, an eResource from MeL.org<https://mel.org/welcome>, is a tool that can help provide readers’ advisory. Though library staff become familiar with their collections over time, no one can read as widely or deeply as we would like. NoveList Plus can help broaden library workers’ ability to recommend the right book and create engaging displays that will draw attention to hidden gems in any collection.

Premade Lists

Premade lists are a quick way to find books with a particular genre or theme. On the NoveList Plus home page, the left menu provides over 100 recommended reading lists, both fiction and nonfiction, divided by age level (Adult, Teen, Ages 9-12, Ages 0-8). These lists are diverse in topic and scope. For example, the adult mystery category has 15 lists including Cooking Up Crime<https://widgets.ebscohost.com/prod/customlink/proxify/proxify.php?count=1&encode=1&proxy=https://widgets.ebscohost.com/prod/customerspecific/mel/auth.php?url=&target=http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=neh&tg=UI&an=419438&site=novp-live>, Vacation Interrupted<https://widgets.ebscohost.com/prod/customlink/proxify/proxify.php?count=1&encode=1&proxy=https://widgets.ebscohost.com/prod/customerspecific/mel/auth.php?url=&target=http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=neh&tg=UI&an=419429&site=novp-live>, and Historical Mysteries<https://widgets.ebscohost.com/prod/customlink/proxify/proxify.php?count=1&encode=1&proxy=https://widgets.ebscohost.com/prod/customerspecific/mel/auth.php?url=&target=http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=neh&tg=UI&an=428988&site=novp-live>. Lists can be printed for patrons or used as a starting point for a book display or programming idea.

Readers’ Advisory Toolbox

Across the top of the home page, the Especially For menu includes a Readers’ Advisory Toolbox designed to help library staff become more proficient at understanding genre and theme, recommending books, and creating booklists and displays for their libraries and patrons. This menu also includes Working with Youth, a page of specialty resources designed for those who provide youth services. The articles are based on age range and provide programming ideas and information about diverse books.

Basic and Advanced Searches

NoveList Plus includes basic and advanced searches to find just the right book. The basic search box is on the home page along with a link to an advanced search page. In order to perform better searches, NoveList Plus has a story elements guide called The Secret Language of Books<https://www.ebsco.com/sites/g/files/nabnos191/files/acquiadam-assets/NoveList-Guide-to-Story-Elements.pdf> that library staff can use to learn more about the best search terms to find books. The idea center also has videos<https://www.ebsco.com/novelist/idea-center/improve/story-elements> to help staff learn about the story elements of appeal, theme, and genre and how to use them in a search.

Catch Reader Attention with Amazing Displays

Making a display of books to increase circulation takes time. The Book Display Ideas<https://widgets.ebscohost.com/prod/customlink/proxify/proxify.php?count=1&encode=1&proxy=https://widgets.ebscohost.com/prod/customerspecific/mel/auth.php?url=&target=http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&bquery=DE+Book+display+AND+ND+Readers%26%2339%3b+Advisory&type=0&searchMode=And&site=novp-live> in the Quick Links menu not only provides lists that can help library staff get started, but each list also includes a premade Library Aware poster that can be printed and used with the display. NoveList Plus has also a curated Books to Movies<https://widgets.ebscohost.com/prod/customlink/proxify/proxify.php?count=1&encode=1&proxy=https://widgets.ebscohost.com/prod/customerspecific/mel/auth.php?url=&target=http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=neh&tg=UI&an=440980&site=novp-live> list which would make a great display to help patrons find stories they can read and then watch.
NoveList Plus<https://widgets.ebscohost.com/prod/customerspecific/mel/auth.php?database=ebscoprofile-novplus> is a powerhouse eResource for readers’ advisory. From pre-made booklists to vast searching capabilities, library staff will find NoveList the perfect MeL<https://mel.org/welcome> eResource for helping patrons discover that just right book.

If you are having any issues linking to items on this page, please explore the MeL eResource Access Page.<https://www.mcls.org/mel/mel-databases/help/remote-access/> Contact meldatabaseshelp at mcls.org<mailto:meldatabaseshelp at mcls.org> for help.

Brought to you by Laura Warren-Gross from the MeL Team.
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