[Michlib-l] Friends Groups without officers

jshirtz jshirtz at uproc.lib.mi.us
Wed Oct 13 14:10:55 EDT 2021


Our small, but wonderful, Friends group is discussing disbanding because 
none of their members are willing to serve as officers of the group. 
They have 8-10 members who consistently attend meetings and their 
current President has held an office for a large portion of the group's 
42 years in existence. She cannot do it anymore and none of the other 
members are willing to take on the responsibility. When they discuss 
disbanding they mention wanting to continue to volunteer, but without 
the group organization.

Does any library have a Friends group that operates without officers or 
with a different organization system? We, the library staff, are 
encouraging them to hold a member drive and utilize United for Libraries 
resources for other options before doing something drastic, like 
disbanding. It would be a huge blow to the library (both monetarily for 
programming and also support-wise for interacting with our community) if 
they ceased to exist. Please, send me any ideas you have, no matter how 
out of the box!

I appreciate it! Thanks everyone!


Jessica Shirtz
Library Director
Ishpeming Carnegie Public Library
317 N. Main Street
Ishpeming, MI 49849
jshirtz at uproc.lib.mi.us

Chair, Great Lakes Great Books Award Committee

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