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  You are not the only chicken.  I am really uneasy about going as well.  I 
just wonder how safe it really is especially since they can't run their 
passenger boats. 

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> Hi,  We are curious if others are deciding not to attend the conference
> because of the dicey conditions.  This is a video of the Sacre Bleu, 
> the only boat Shepler's has running, leaving St. Ignace yesterday. 
> <https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10154104350790217&set=vb.199146720216&
> type=2&theater> &set=vb.199146720216&type=2&theater
> I called Shepler's this morning to ask how 150 people would fit on this
> boat.  They hope to be able to put buses and vans on the deck and 
> fill them with people, but they aren't sure they will be able to 
> because yesterday ice was coming over the bow.  Getting there is 
> only our first concern.  With a shift in the wind it could jam up 
> again and we could be stranded on the island.  Ferry service is 
> still subject to cancellation.
> Are we the only chickens?
> Nannette Miller
> Elk Rapids District Library
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