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Nannette Miller erdl at elkrapidsnet.com
Mon Apr 28 14:02:36 EDT 2014

I seem to have stirred up some folks by asking if anyone else was cancelling
going to the conference.  I did not mean to suggest that Shepler's would
ever endanger any passengers, but that is part of my concern.  If any ferry
trips have to be cancelled it will make getting on and off the Island that
much more difficult, and expensive.  Someone suggested that the Library of
Michigan will reimburse us if we fly.  Is that true?  I haven't seen that
anywhere.  All I am saying is I am not willing to ride in a bus strapped to
the deck of the Sacre Bleu going 5 mph through the ice for an hour.  That's
assuming conditions permit strapping buses and vans to the deck.  If they
aren't then they can take 54 people at a time.


It is my personal opinion that there is cause for concern.  Maybe those of
us who live on the Great Lakes have a little more respect for their power. 


Everything will probably be fine, and I hope you all have a great
conference.  I am really sorry we will miss it.


Nannette Miller

Elk Rapids District Library

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