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The content listed for the eligible courses for the Web Design and
Development looks pretty interesting. In the ideal world, everyone
coming out of library school would have a good understand of some of the
topics covered, even if it was just to be able to be part of a
conversation about evaluating and integrating the ever-expanding amount
of digital content into your library's services. But I realize that most
LIS students don't have infinite amounts of time and money for such
courses.  The certification might help someone looking to have their
resume stand out from other recent LIS grads.  But it also looks more
technical than I think most librarians would need for their day-to-day
work (sorry Wayne State!) 

If you're interested in pursuing librarian positions that will have a
heavy emphasis on web site design or a similar technology angle, it may
be worth your time/money. Even so, if I was asked to evaluate the
qualifications of an applicant for a position like that, I would place
more emphasis on specific knowledge (what Content Management Systems do
you know, what scripting languages have you worked with) and real-world
experience (show me web sites you've created, maintained, etc.) over a
line in your resume showing that you've taken those courses. You would
need to take what you learned from those courses and turn them into more
concrete examples of how you've applied this knowledge outside of the
classroom setting. If you're mostly interested in beefing up the resume
but don't plan on taking it beyond that, I don't think it would be worth
the time and money. I would be interested in hearing what the folks who
actually do the hiring of librarians think is the value of pursuing that
kind of certification.

Andrew Mutch
Library Systems Technician (I'm not a librarian!)
Waterford Township Public Library

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Please share answers with me (or the group if you think it appropriate).
I'm thinking of expanding my library credentials if I decide I can
afford to, and Information Management and Website Development for
libraries sounds promising.  Thanks

Francine Joy Allen
Youth Services Librarian
Ecorse Public Library
4184 W. Jefferson Ave.
Ecorse, MI  48229

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I am currently signed up to take my summer semester classes, which would
finish off my MLIS degree if I stopped there. My questions are: do you
have certificates with your degree, do you or did you have much
experience before-hand, and does your library look at certificates OR
experience more when it comes to hiring?

I am an online student at Wayne State University. The two certificates I
was planning on getting are {Library Services to Children and Adults,
Public} and {Information Management for Librarians-Web Design and
Development}. Each certificate is basically (one semester) 4 months of
effort and $4,400- is it worth it? I would love to be a Teen Librarian
in a public library with some web elements. 

If you wouldn't mind adding your position/Title with your comments,
please do. Any recommendations would be very helpful.

Thank you,

                        ~Michelle Wise~

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