[Michlib-l] child pornography

Kate Scheid k.scheid at buchananlibrary.com
Fri Feb 7 16:02:47 EST 2014

We just had an incident in which two high school age patrons complained that
they saw another patron viewing child pornography. No actual staff members
viewed this themselves. We discussed it with the patron and he chose to
leave. I do have the ability to review the sites he accessed so I am
inquiring as to whether or not library staff have an obligation to report
the viewing of child pornography to the police? Or if not the patron should
the sites be reported to any agency? Hope someone can give me some insights.


Kate Scheid, MLIS

Library Director

Buchanan District Library

128 E. Front St.

Buchanan,  MI   49107


k.scheid at buchananlibrary.com


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