[Michlib-l] child pornography

Kate Scheid k.scheid at buchananlibrary.com
Fri Feb 7 18:06:51 EST 2014

Thanks for all the support and information concerning the incident I related
earlier. I did want to clarify that I wanted to understand if I needed to
report suspected viewing of child pornography or if there was any
responsibility on me to prove before reporting that it was in fact child
pornography. As it is illegal if I or my staff had witnessed it we would
have reported it immediately. And if an adult patron felt they had viewed
such material I would have encouraged them to report it as well. As the only
report I have thus far is from two children who couldn't say for sure what
they saw I was confused about my immediate responsibility. 

Looks like I will be contacting my lawyer Monday morning for further advice.
Wish this stuff didn't happen at the end of the day Friday when you can't
deal with it effectively.


Kate Scheid, MLIS

Library Director

Buchanan District Library

128 E. Front St.

Buchanan,  MI   49107


k.scheid at buchananlibrary.com


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