[Michlib-l] Kerrytown Bookfest opportunity

kathy at romeodistrictlibrary.org kathy at romeodistrictlibrary.org
Thu Jul 17 18:50:12 EDT 2014

Hi Librarians,

Do any/all of you have writer's groups at your libraries?  We have a  
cool opportunity (see attached flyer) and I would like to get the word  
out.  Basically we have an author coming in to the bookfest who is  
going to offer a one on one critique to any writer willing to submit  
20 pages.  Also, it's free, though the BookFest will happily accept a  

The flyer is pretty self explanatory, and if you all have folks to  
share this with, it would be much appreciated.


Robin Agnew

Kerrytown BookFest/Aunt Agatha's Mystery Bookstore
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