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Perri Saunders,
No doubt there will be those who disagree, but our staff
has been instructed to call the police (in our case "dispatch"
as opposed to 911), describe the situation and then ask that
an officer stop by to check out the person. That's not a
violation of his/her "rights," in my opinion. You're simply
trying to make certain your library provides a safe environ-
ment for all. Non gun-toters have "rights," too.

Donald E. Worrell, Jr., Director 
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Do any of you have a procedure in place for when someone enters the library
with a gun -(in a non-threatening way, of course!) ?

I've been told quite a few years ago to call 911 and have the police come
to check permits and such.  This certainly doesn't sound like the best,
least inflammatory way to handle it, but I don't know of something better.

What do you think?

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