[Michlib-l] Looking for a bindery

Caryn Noel cnoel at sscms.edu
Wed Feb 3 15:23:46 EST 2016

Hello -

Looking for a bindery to bind just a few, small (6x9) periodicals in a flat glued binding - like a softbound book.  Bessenberg is out - they'll only do a hardbound compilation.  Also, this faculty member won't allow for spiral bound or anything too "catchy" for his library shelf.  His word, not mine, but I take the point - he'd like a binding with some staying power.  I have the files in pdf format.

Any names come to mind?
Many thanks in advance,

Caryn Noel
Library Director
Adam Cardinal Maida Alumni Library
248-706-4212 (phone)
248-683-0526 (fax)
cnoel at sscms.edu

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