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Hi, Dillon,

I was at a session at ALA where the presenter (Debra Fine, The Art of Small Talk) gave a good example of a way to end a conversation with a long-winded speaker.  She always acknowledges what the speaker is saying and states that she has just a minute before she has to complete another task.  She then asks the speaker a pointed question about what they are talking about so they have the last word.  After that minute, she politely stops conversation repeating that she’s needed somewhere else and walks away thanking the person for sharing.  She is careful to actually do the thing she told the person she had to do to maintain her credibility and save the relationship.

Questions were something like:  I can see that you love gardening, what brings you the most satisfaction?  Or, You are obviously so proud of your grandchild, tell me one thing that you are most proud of them for doing?

I hope this helps!

Denise Hooks
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I'm looking for any resources that help library staff deal with disengaging from patron conversations, or finding an appropriate exit point when a conversation is difficult to end.

Dillon Geshel
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