[Michlib-l] Summer Reading sample flyers for parents and teachers

Reish, Karren (MDE) ReishK at michigan.gov
Thu May 19 10:46:27 EDT 2016

With summer reading right around the corner, a reminder that if you don't have time to do a flyer to hand out at schools or to parents, take a look at the sample flyers for the 2016 program on the Library of Michigan Summer Reading page. You can personalize these for your library. Feel free to edit!

Library of Michigan Summer Reading page - www.michigan.gov/youthlibraryservices<http://www.michigan.gov/youthlibraryservices> in the Summer Reading section

- or directly at -

Flyer for parents - http://www.michigan.gov/documents/mde/Summer_Reading_Flyer_for_parents_2012_377491_7.doc
Flyer for teachers - http://www.michigan.gov/documents/mde/Summer_Reading_Flyer_for_teachers_2012_377490_7.doc

Karren Reish
Library Grants Coordinator
Library of Michigan
517-373-5700 f
reishk at michigan.gov<mailto:reishk at michigan.gov>

Customer Service is a priority at the Michigan Department of Education - helping Michigan schools, families, and communities improve the achievement and well-being of ALL our children.

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