[Michlib-l] Bad Patron Behavior, Want to share your processes? Or you handouts?

Andrea Ingmire aing at uproc.lib.mi.us
Thu Oct 13 17:02:45 EDT 2016

The season for spending time indoors is coming up and we are already seeing
an up-kick in bad behavior from some of our patrons.  I'd love to see our
library come up with a more proactive process. so if you have any tips on
how to stop the behavior before it starts, or other processes that have made
dealing with difficult populations easier on staff, I'd love to hear about


We are also working on our patron code of conduct.  I'd love to see what
other libraries have in place.  I am looking for a full policy but also a
shortened version that can be handed to patrons in the moment they are
behaving badly.  


It would also be interesting to hear how you 'track' patron behavior.  We
have a spreadsheet on a shared drive, but I'd like to find something a
little easier to access, update and use. 


Any and all suggestions or stories welcome!


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Andrea Ingmire

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