[Michlib-l] MeL Minute: Scholarship & School Finders in LearningExpress Library

Breed, Liz (MDE) BreedL at michigan.gov
Thu Dec 5 10:02:14 EST 2019


Have you taken advantage of the Scholarship and School Finder tools available in LearningExpress Library<http://widgets.ebscohost.com/prod/customerspecific/mel/auth.php?database=lex>?  If not, there are many benefits to accessing these Resources.  To get started you must create a username/password in the LearningExpress Library.  Once you’ve done that, type Scholarship Finder into the search bar on the LearningExpress landing page or access it via the Job & Career Accelerator center.

Once you’ve opened Scholarship Finder, there are a variety of filters to help you find the type of scholarship you’re seeking.  You can input your current GPA, SAT Composite and ACT Composite to help give you the best results, or you can simply leave those fields blank and access the information by performing a keyword search.  If you type MICHIGAN (or any other state for that matter) into the search field, then all the scholarships available to students in Michigan will be returned.

Today, it shows there are 2,534 scholarships available to Michigan students attending college.  When I open any of the listed scholarships, I receive all the information I need to know about the scholarship:  Who qualifies?  What is the minimum SAT score to apply?  When is the application deadline?  How many scholarships are granted?  Is the scholarship renewable?

To further assist in your investigation of colleges, LearningExpress Library also offers a School Finder that can be accessed via the search bar or by opening Job & Career Accelerator.  School Finder gives up-to-date, detailed information about every 2- and 4-year college as well as graduate programs offered throughout the United States.  You can find the college that is just right for you by using the Quick Match option, where your interests align with potential colleges.

It is also possible to simply type the name of a college that interests you into the search field, and  a great deal of information about that school will be listed:  Enrollment, type of community, ethnicity of student body, housing options, day care availability, remedial services, employment services, programs for service members and veterans, cost, financial aid availability, average SAT/ACT scores for entry, degrees offered, library holdings, and so much more!

The next time you know of someone looking for information about colleges and scholarships, be sure and guide them to the LearningExpress Library<http://widgets.ebscohost.com/prod/customerspecific/mel/auth.php?database=lex>.

Brought to you by Ann Kaskinen from the MeL Team.

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Liz Breed
Michigan eLibrary Coordinator
Library of Michigan | Michigan Department of Education
517-335-1497 | breedl at michigan.gov<mailto:breedl at michigan.gov>

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